i consulted on two of vivendi/universal's, crash bandicoot console games. i was approached to help give the games in production a much needed boost in story and comedy.

for Crash: Twinsanity, i wrote the game script and much of the character in-game dialogue.  because the play action in this particular game had crash bandicoot and dr. neo cortex bound in as a dual-playable character, lots of comedic opportunities were taken advantage of to help boost the depth of the character relationships.  i also did the game cover art.

for Crash: Tag Team Racing, i wrote a whole new story based on the free-roaming game engine which allowed the characters to both race and battle in vehicles while also free to hop out and explore the surrounding world on foot. 

new, original characters were created for the franchise which have become fan favorites such as ebeneezer von clutch, the deranged cyborg turned moto-theme park creator, willie wumpa cheeks, his beloved park mascot and pasadena o'possum, the strong female racing marcupial and love interest to our favorite bandicoot.  i wrote all cinematics, cut scenes and in-game event dialogue.