from the highly deviant mind of pop-surrealist and underground comic-extraordinaire, robert williams, comes the pulp-drenched stories of, dream detective!

this innovative web-series was created by williams and developed by perky pickle productions into a group of serial shorts on the subject of jack clum, narcoleptically clairvoyant crime solver.

we worked closely with the world-renown artist to give his brilliantly conceived works from comic to canvas a new life in animation.

a word about the production itself:  made during the 'web-content' craze of the early 2000s, the series was created for web distribution in Flash animation.  much of the flash-web content at the time was very limited in its visual nature as budgets were on the whole, very small.  dream detective was created with a motion-graphic-novel approach to keep the visuals rich, while still offering a web-friendly production.

here's hoping one day they'll be a place for artistically done, adult themed animation in the marketplace!