ROBOCON!   is the story of a little red robot and the family that loves him.

in the center of a fast-paced metropolis sometime in the near future, resides the oki doki family: shiro and chikki, a young boy and girl, father, hiroshi and grandmother, obo. 

until recently, chikki and shiro had no domestic robot to rely on...something commonplace for most homes in modern NEO-CON CITY.

after lots of begging by the kids and complaints of social shame at school, there occurred a begrudging trip to the used-robot store.  with a sorrowful parting of his pocket change, hiroshi proudly came home with the city's most low-tech and outdated, used synthetic-domestic worker: ROBOCON!

for all his primitive faults and lack of artificial intelligence, ROBOCON possesses the one thing most other family robo-servants don't have...a big, huge, massively-warm heart!

the show follows the everyday adventures and near tragedies of the oki-doki family and their simple-minded robo-servant.

think of him as a synthetic fusion between mary poppins and herbie the love bug!